Custom Garments: Quality, Value, and Impeccable Fit!

Welcome to our exclusive custom line made especially for You! Every garment is hand crafted to your specific measures for an impeccable fit that is right for you. Choose the fabric you want, and we will help you create the style you desire by detailing the garment to your individual liking.

Whether it’s business or business casual, we will help you build a wardrobe including quality suits, sport coats, pants and shirts at an unbeatable value. And we offer formal wear as well for those special occasions.

Fabrics to choose from include but are not limited to Super 100’s to Super 180’s worsted wool, tropical wool blends, Silk and Cashmere, Linen, and Cotton. Our designer collection includes many options but to name a few such as Toni Tommi, Zegna, Marzoni, Valentino, Scabal, and Dormeuil.

Custom garments feel and fit better, and last longer than stock sized goods. Once you wear custom, you will never go back!

Suits, Shirts & Formal Wear

Suits: Benchmade Of Buffalo suits are carefully handcrafted to our clients specific measurements, using machines only as extensions of their hands. Each suit offers hand-sewn features such as perspiration shields, separate pen/pencil inside jacket pockets on both sides of the jacket, snugtex waistband, heel guard, quality canvases and bemberg or silk linings.

Additional feature options include suspender buttons, specific coat buttons, pic stitching, specific color stitching, pockets, and ticket pocket, coat and pant styling features and lining color preferences.

Shirts: Custom shirts are our most popular item. With hundreds of patterns and colors to choose from, Benchmade Of Buffalo offers several types of cotton shirting fabrics, including tux shirts. Choose the collar, cuff, placket, no pocket or pocket, color stitching, and monogramming. The best value in a custom shirt!

Formal Wear: We offer custom-made formal wear with individual style in mind. Choose your style of tuxedo coat, vest and pant and we will help you design the features to your liking for your best formal wear.

To schedule a consultation, please email Stephanie at or call 716.628.2823.

  • Why custom?

    • Proper fit
    • Quality
    • Large variety of fabrics and patterns to choose from
    • Individual styling preferences
     “The part I like best about working with Stephanie is her ability and taste to coordinate the shirts and ties that go great with the suits and sport coats. As a professional in the business world, I now feel I am properly dressed for the role. ”